Bat Rolling Companies - Who Should I Use?

Published: 23rd February 2009
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There are many companies out there offering bat rolling services and you need to make sure you make the right choice before sending your $300 bat to someone to roll. They need to be experienced and need to use the correct type of roller so you get the best results.

If you ever searched on the internet the term bat rolling or composite bat rolling you'll find out that there are many options out there. It's critical that you choose the right company before sending your bat out to be rolled. If you don't you could find your bat not performing at it's highest level or worst yet you could even find you're bat breaking after only a few hits. Make sure the company you choose offers multiple rolling methods. While Perpendicular type rolling is preferred, if they offer multiple methods it is a good indicator they have the needed experience.

Two Types Of Bat Rolling Machines

There are primarily two different type of rolling machines on the market right now and they are Perpendicular and Parallel. Perpendicular is the preferred type of machine since it rolls your bat closely to actually hitting a ball with your bat. It rolls in small sections which is how a bat is designed. Parallel type Bat Rolling Machines are fairly new to the market and will roll bats the entire length of the barrel. A POTENTIAL problem with this type of rolling is it MAY put added stress on the barrel and since the bat is not designed for this type of compression you will most likely have durability issues with your bat having it rolled by the parallel method. It is recommended you have you bat rolled with a perpendicular method or ensure you go to a company that offers Multiple BAT ROLLING methods. If they do this indicates they have the needed experience to give you OPTIMAL results without potentially damaging your bat by over compression.

Rolling Processes

Regardless of what type of rolling machine you choose to use it's important to find a company that does it properly. Most companies will just determine how much they are going to compress your bat and set the machine to that level and do the Rolling This is not the correct way to roll a bat. You need to determine how much you are going to compress the bat and then gradually compress the bat in 3-4 steps until you reach the final compression level. This way you don't put too much stress on the bat. You will also rotate the bat a 1/4 turn after each pass through the roller. After being rolled, a bat will have approximately 300 passes through the roller if done correctly. You also need to ensure the bat rolling company you choose offers multiple rolling methods. Even though it makes no difference in performance, by finding a company that does both methods you'll get OPTIMAL results without having to worry that some self proclaimed "Bat Rolling Authority" damages your bat.

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